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5 Things To Look For In A Credit Card

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Know Your Credit Card

Research is vital when thinking of getting a credit card whether new or an upgrade so as it serves your needs. You are sure to land a good one since they are many in the market. However, the following factors need to be examined before settling on one:

Interest Rate

Three are three vital things to examine on the interest rate factor. First, examine the exact figure of the interest rate. Most firms offer a low introductory interest rate to capture the attention of first time customers. Secondly, the period of the interest rate since most introductory rate only last less than one year. Finally, examine the variability of the interest rates to ensure they are in line with your spending habits.

Annual Fees

This should be calculated in the first step before signing off that credit card. Annual fees may make balance payment hard since there are charges that come with just getting the card whether you use it or not.

Examine Your Credit Limit

Your credit limit should conform to your spending habits. If your credit card is to cater for basic needs and bails, you may need to put your limit high so as to support all this expenses.


Not all credit cards come with amazing benefits. However, at times, huge purchases may land you greater benefits for example trips or cash rewards. Pick a card that has great rewards where you frequent and spend most for example your local grocery store.

Customer Care Services

You will experience problems when dealing with your credit card. You want a fast response from your credit company from issues touching on your current credit status and interest charges. Your issues therefore have to be handled by compete tent, confident and honest customer care representatives. Skip companies that use automated phone services to handle queries or have websites that cannot be navigated with ease.

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