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5 Ways To Maximize Your Credit Rewards

5 Ways To Maximize Your Credit Rewards

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It’s human nature to want to get things for free, and that’s what credit rewards offer you. Every dollar that you spend earns you various types of bonuses that can be cashed-out for goods of gift cards.

If you fail to use your credit cards rewards correctly, you may end up spending more. So what is the best way to utilize your rewards for more?

Choose the right card

Consider your spending habits and find the right card that suits you. The best way to do this is to set goals that you are comfortable with, but they must be achievable. The next step is to look for cards that reward you with bonuses or points every time you shop big.

Stay clear of high annual charges

To get more rewards, you’ll have to avoid extreme yearly fees. If you think that your card is attracting huge dues every year, you should consider replacing it.

Choose cards sign-up perks

The easiest way to get points or get more rewards is to look for credit cards with significant sign-up bonuses. You can get up to 50,000 points for free if you choose wisely. Ideally, you will be required to spend a given amount of money (but not more than $4,000) within a given period.

Pay bills with your card

Another efficient way of utilizing your rewards is by paying your bills with your card. All bills that accept credit cards should be settled with your card. Set up your account to automatically pay off the following bills with credit rewards: Health insurance, TV, and internet, cell phone, car lease, subscriptions, and utilities.

Regulate your spending

You don’t receive credit rewards just because your service provider is friendly. It’s a marketing strategy to motivate consumers to shop more. Prepare a budget that you are comfortable with, and make sure that you clear your credit card’s monthly balances to avoid adding interest fees.




Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards Credit Cards

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  • Earn rewards with your everyday spend, and get a little closer to your next vacation.
  • Use rewards to book hotels, air travel, gift cards, or to cover travel expenses like Uber.
  • Loyalty pays off — earn additional rewards when you use your card to book a qualifying trip with your favorite hotel or airline.
  • Enjoy additional travel perks like travel insurance, waived foreign transaction fees, and airport lounge access.
  • Terms vary by partner offer. Please see each bank's application for terms and conditions.
  • Clicking Apply Now will take you to where you can compare Travel Rewards cards from participating partners.

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