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Credit Cards in 100 years..

What will credit cards be like in 100 years?

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Do you think you know?

Credit cards, like many other objects, will get more and more advanced as the years go by especially in a 100 years. Here’s a peek at what future credit cards will be like in 100 years.

Financing and money management in general might take on an entirely new form altogether. Today we see payment options being offered on mobile phones. Updated credit cards might not only be revolutionized versions or incorporated in gadgets, but it can be just about anywhere technology can touch.

Credit card security will also evolve in line with the futuristic technology. Future credit cards could have self-destruct features once the information is compromised. Whether it was by theft or hacking. The identifying codes will undergo an algorithmic change at set intervals to ensure total credit card protection.

Who knows, a credit card could later be known as a microchip that could be implanted on the human body. In a hundred years, who knows, you might even be a walking credit card. Simply shop and walk out while a scanner debits the amount to your “credit card”.

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