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When Should You Dispute A Credit Card Charge?

When Should You Dispute A Credit Card Charge?

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If you own a credit card, then there were probably times that you felt cheated. Getting a late fee tacked on to your balance is no fun. But did you know there is something you can do about these charges? Credit card disputes are a great way to get some charges wiped off your card. A simple phone call to your credit card company could save you hundreds of dollars a year. This won’t work if your always late with your payment but if you have made a few mistakes often times card companies will be happy to remove the fees. Today we are going to discuss when you should open a credit card dispute case.

When You Should Dispute Charges

We have talked about late payments in the above paragraph. If you have found yourself being late on a payment, chances are you will be slapped with a late fee. This can be very costly and unnecessary. Instead, why not do something about it? Call your credit card company and ask to speak to an account manager. Speak with the manager and explain to them that you made a simply mistake and would like to have the fee erased. Most of the time if you have not had a late payment in the last 6 months they will be glad to reverse it for you. This is the policy of many credit card companies to forgive at least one late fee per year.

Always Dispute Charges You Did Not Make

If you are good at money management and you keep an eye on your spending, you will notice if someone else makes a charge. This is a serious matter that should always be disputed. So if you have noticed a charge that seems fishy to you, then call your credit card company right away. This will protect your hard earned money and as a credit card holder, you have a right to have these charges erased at no cost to you.

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