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Ah, beautiful Hawaii, land of gorgeous beaches and tropical cocktails beneath swaying palms. Haven’t you always dreamed of going there? With the Hawaii Airlines World Elite MasterCard this could be very, very easy.

Using this card makes perfect sense for those who wish to travel to Hawaii frequently, or those who use Hawaiian Airline’s services frequently. By signing up for this card you can earn lots of air-miles with Hawaiian Airlines and you can also receive some exciting fringe benefits.

Once you have this card in your wallet, you can dial up your first 35,000 air-miles of travel just by spending $1,000 in the first 90 days since sign-up. Then, just because you are a Hawaii Airlines World Elite MasterCard holder, you receive a one-time only bonus of 50% off the price of your companion’s ticket. This way, you’ll be flying to beautiful Hawaii for just half of the price of the airline ticket. So even if you only visit Hawaii once, using your Hawaii Airlines card, it will be very good value, and very worthwhile.

There are many other bonuses and benefits in store for the owner of this card. For instance, the bonus 35,000 miles you have just earned on your new card allow you to also receive 1 free coach ticket from continental North America, when you add the primary card owner’s 5,000 miles extra discount. If you have taken a friend with you on your first trip to Hawaii and taken advantage of the 50% discount, you are able to receive a further $100.00 off your friend or companion’s trip every year on the anniversary of your card-ownership.

Another neat bonus of using this card for all your trips to Hawaii, North American and Asia-Pacific destinations is that the primary card-holder receives 1 bag of travel luggage checked for free, which could add up to a saving of another $50.00 per flight.

One of the best non-air miles related benefits of being the holder of a Hawaii Airlines World Elite MasterCard is the partners program. Hawaii Airlines have an excellent selection of Partners, and purchases can win bonuses of from 6 to 25 flight-miles per dollar spent. The products and services which are available to holders of this card range through flowers, travel items and luggage, spa and wellness, eco-tours, taxi fares, restaurants and car repairs. These items can be purchased online, in the Continental USA or in Hawaii, while you are there.

If this is not enough to convince you that owning a Hawaii Airlines World Elite MasterCard is a good thing, then consider these extra benefits which may also make your trip less expensive and more secure: The card has a Smart Chip installed, so that you are known as its guaranteed owner and no unauthorized purchases will be made in your name. As an added bonus, there are no foreign transaction fees.

There is a tiny annual fee of $89.00, but you will easily be able to write this off in favor of the many plus-points of the Hawaii Airlines World Elite MasterCard.



*Editorial Note: Any opinions, analysis, reviews, or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

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