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Getting the Most Bonus Miles From Your Travels – APF Credit Cards

Getting the Most Bonus Miles From Your Travels

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Getting the Most Bonus Miles From Your Travels

Bonus miles are a great perk that can make costly traveling significantly cheaper. As an added bonus, the more you travel, the cheaper those travels become thanks to the constant effect of bonus air miles. You can get bonus air miles directly from airline companies as a reward for using their services, and you can also get additional bonus miles from using certain credit cards.

Here are some tips for getting the most bonus miles from your travels.

Airline Bonus Miles

The bonus miles that you get from airlines are a reward system for using the services of that airline. The more that you fly with one airline, the more reward points they will give you. However, not all airline rewards programs are equal, so if you plan on traveling often and over long distances, then it definitely pays to compare the different reward programs for each major airline that services the regions you want to travel to. Find out which airline will reward you the most bonus miles for the frequency and distances that you are planning on traveling to maximize the bonus miles that you get.

Credit Card Bonus Miles

Certain credit cards offer bonus miles as a reward for spending money using your card. So simply make as many travel purchases as you can using your credit card, from hotel rooms to restaurant bills, and you will get the most reward points possible from your trip. Just like airlines, not all credit card reward programs are the same, so spend the time to do some research to find the card that will give you the most reward miles for spending your money while traveling.

Travel Credit Cards

There are certain credit cards that are designed specifically for use in traveling, from buying airline tickets to every other traveling expense. These specialized travel credit cards will often offer a complicated set of additional bonus miles from staying at certain hotels or using the card to change currencies, and so on. Not only are these travel cards extremely useful when traveling, but they are also likely to offer the best combination of bonus miles for the money that you spend on your travels.

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