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How to Benefit from Being a Points Guy

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Backpacking is increasingly becoming a popular, adventurous and budgeted form of travel. You can also fund this kind of trip with points and miles for cost-effective outcomes. For you to be a points guy when backpacking, you need to choose and study a topic and then teach the subject to a new student. You also need to rely on reference materials and use analogies when sharing the knowledge.

Travel with Someone

While people deem traveling alone as fun, it’s better to bring a friend, partner or relative with you on your next trip. Once you’re a points and miles expert, worry less about the traveling costs. You can take an inventory of the points accounts of your partner and combine them with yours for an excellent adventure for the both of you. Such a strategy helps the two of you save money on shared travel costs such as lodging and rental cars as you enjoy what your trip has to offer.

Take Advantage of the Credit Card Perks

When traveling with a partner, you have the opportunity of combining some credit card perks. Various hotel programs have a credit card that allows cardholders to enjoy a free night every year. You can use this perk by booking two consecutive nights when the two of you have the card. You may also find credit cards that offer reward points to cardholders that refer their friends to the same card.

Summing Up

Be sure to establish yourself as a points guy by featuring your free travel on online platforms such as social media. You can also talk about you’re your backpacking adventures with friends/family members. As you share the information, yearn to learn more about how to become a master in this field. Though you won’t get a prestigious award from such an effort, you’ll know how to travel for free or spend less when traveling.




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