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Protect your Credit Cards When Traveling Abroad

Protect your Credit Cards When Traveling Abroad

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When traveling internationally, there are specific steps you must take to protect your credit cards. Have a plan of action in place if the cards were to get stolen or lost to avoid being vulnerable to possible identity theft and unauthorized charges ruining your business or vacation plans. Such include:

Knowing the Cards to Pack

Start by researching your destination to ensure that you can use your cards with ease. MasterCard and Visa are acceptable in numerous places, but American Express and Discover may not be accepted. Ensure the cards you plan on utilizing have the proper features for overseas travel. Although there are multiple to look for, two standouts. These are no foreign transaction fees and EMV capability. Always carry several cards to have a back-up if things go wrong.

Contact Insurer for the Cards

Remember always to contact customer service departments of the cards that you plan to use on your trip. Notify them of the dates and places you will be visiting. It helps because the card company might notice suspicious activity when you are away and flag or shut down the account to render it unusable for possible fraud if you do not alert them in advance.

Keep the Cards Safe

As part of your travel protection armor, stay hawk-eyed and never let the cards out of your sight. Avoid leaving your bags or purses slung over restaurant/beach or bar stools. Keep an eye on the individual who handles the card as well. Note that credit card skimmers are tiny devices that can steal your data in seconds thus a thief can swipe take all your details and hand back the card.

When dealing with travel credit cards, you must also ensure that you are continuously monitoring the activity on your card even when they have not been stolen or skimmed. It is essential because it is the only way you will be aware if there is someone else making the charges. Do this online over a secure connection.


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