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Teaching Millennials How To Be Responsible Credit Card Users

Teaching Millennials How To Be Responsible Credit Card Users

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Advance Personal Finance

Advance Personal Finance

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When it comes to millennials and credit cards, there is a lot to be learned. This younger generation is now old enough to start receiving credit card offers in the mail and in their inbox. Being responsible with this new-found freedom is something that every millennial should practice. Today, we are going to learn some credit card tips that will help you manage your credit.

Always Pay Your Bill on Time

If you have a credit card and you are carrying a balance on it, you should always pay your bill on time. By doing so, it will show the credit card company that you are a good customer and you may even see an increase in your credit limit. On the other hand, if you are late with your payment, it can have a negative effect on your credit and can even cause your APR to go up. Additionally, you will be charged a late fee.

Utilize Credit Card Rewards

When signing up for a new credit card, make sure to choose one that offers rewards. Rewards are similar to savings, and when you have enough points built up, you can redeem them for cash, free gas, and even travel. Over time these rewards can really add up and the best part is you can earn them on every purchase you make. Many people even buy their groceries using credit cards so that they can earn rewards.

Use the Card Only for Needs

While it may be tempting to charge those hard to find front row concert tips to your credit card, you shouldn’t, especially if you are on college credit cards. This type of card should only be used for needs and not wants. Needs often arise out of the blue when you simply don’t have the cash to pay for them. A blown-out tire or a major car repair is a good example. Using your card for these expenditures is the proper way to utilize a credit card. Remember that being responsible with your credit can be very rewarding later in life.

As you can see, managing your credit cards is very important. Building your credit while you are young will allow you to make important life purchases in the future. Having good credit will make it easier for you to purchase a car or buy your first home. Follow these simple tips and your credit will remain in good standing for many years to come.

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