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Using a Credit Card as a Busy Professional

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As a busy professional, your card should make your life easier.  So if it is causing you frustration, becoming an inconvenience, or slowing you down, then it’s time to take a step back and implement some new processes to make sure that you are getting the most from your credit card as possible.

Everyone’s situation will be different.  These guidelines are designed to help you get started on your own procedures that will ensure you have a seamless system to simplify your life.

Keep it Simple

There are a surprising number of people out there that carry multiple cards around.  Personally I can’t imagine trying to keep track of all that so I have 3: a personal card that I use for every day purchases, a personal card that I use for travel purchases, and a business card.

It is understandable that you want to capitalize on the rewards that are available out there.  However, is it worth the hassle to earn 1.5% cash back instead of 1%?  That’s a mere $5 on a $1,000 purchase.  Fewer bills to pay at the end of the month means that you have more time to work on your business.

Pay it Automatically

One of the first finance books I ever read was The Automatic Millionaire.  Everything can be done automatically anymore, so why are you wasting your time writing checks at the end of the month for bills that can come out on their own?

Simplify your life by automating every aspect of your finances.  If you’re worried there might not be enough in the checking account to cover the credit card bill, then it is time to step back and reassess your spending habits.

Skip the Swipe

Do you have a card that has a chip in it?  While the added security is great, it seems to take forever for the card reader to analyze your card and finally approve the purchase.  Fortunately there is a way around using the chip feature on newer card readers.

Apple, Samsung, and others have all implemented methods of payment through their devices.  No worrying about swiping or inserting, just tap your phone (or watch).  Getting it set up is a pretty simple process, and once it is complete you can make purchases worry free.

Of course if you’re so busy that 15 extra seconds at the checkout line is detrimental, it may be time to hire a personal shopper.

Upgrade Your Card

If using credit cards is causing you grief, then perhaps it’s time to dump all the others and focus on just one card.  There are a ton of different rewards cards out there, but it can be a huge hassle to sift through what you have in your wallet in order to find the right one.

Instead, upgrade to a card that skips the rotating categories, and focus just on one that offers bonus cash back (or airline miles, rewards points, or whatever your goal is) across the board.  All purchases get the same rewards.

As a Busy Professional, You Deserve Simple

There is no need to complicate your life further with a variety of cards, rewards, and a handful of bills at the end of the month.  Instead, simplify everything so that you can focus on what’s going to make you the most money: growing your business.

Just keep in mind that those rewards points aren’t worth it if you’re carrying a balance each month.  Your “free” vacation could actually be costing you many thousands of dollars.

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