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5 Tips for Saving Points and Miles on a Vegas Vacation

5 Tips for Saving Points and Miles on a Vegas Vacation

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Las Vegas is an exciting and entertaining vacation destination that you need to visit. Note that there are lots of benefits you can get from your Vegas vacation. You get the convenience of saving the money you use for booking the flight, entertaining yourself and paying for hotel accommodation. Here’s five different ways you can save points and miles that you can use in your upcoming Vegas vacation.

Book Southwest Flights

If you’re looking for a great option for traveling from the West Coast to the vibrant Las Vegas, try taking Southwest flights. The flights are quite cheap and comfortable. You also get to earn points you can redeem during the other trips you’ll be making in the future.

Use Reward Points to Check into Hotels

You can earn reward points from credit card providers such as Amex and Chase Sapphire. After gathering these reward points, you can use them to pay for your accommodation fees of get discounts when making the payments. You need to form a habit of saving these credit card points every time you swap your card to increase the benefits that come with them.

Eat at Regular Vegas Food Joints

It will actually cost you to spend on Vegas buffets. There are diverse options for food joints you can try in Las Vegas that have reasonable prices. In food joints like Seafood Buffet, Caesar’s Palace and The Buffet Paris, you can earn reward points every time you buy your favorite buffet.

Cut Your Entertainment Costs

While on a Vegas vacation, you’ll notice that it takes lots of cash to entertain yourself. You can save this cash by going to a timeshare presentation to entertain yourself. You can also get last minute movie tickets for half their original price from Tix4Tonight.

Use Ride Sharing Apps

The good thing about ride sharing apps like Uber is that they let you order for a cab as you wish. They also give you a chance to spend less on transportation. In Las Vegas, the affordable ride sharing options are Lyft and Uber.

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