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5 Tricks to Receive Cash Back by Using your Credit Card

5 Tricks to Receive Cash Back by Using your Credit Card

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The development of credit cards creates unique opportunities for money management for the average customer. All of these techniques involve the use of your credit cards and your online purchases to get cash back.

Cash Back Credit Cards

Cash back credit cards offer incentives when used to purchase certain products. This deal is designed to get the cards into your hands. The key to taking advantage of this offer is that you must pay off your entire balance each month.

This type card can work like an ATM machine when you need cash because you get cash back if you are careful.

Use Ebates has signed up many retailers. The advantage for you is that you receive cash back on each purchase. The key here again is to make sure that you keep your balance paid.

Use Online Coupon Sites features manufacturers coupons. Stores offer cash back rebates when you use your credit card to make the online purchase.

Discounted Gift Cards

Gift cards are often bought and sold over the internet for less than their stated value. You can purchase them for less than face value depending on the demand for the card. You make money by purchasing one of these cards from the person willing to take less money for it.


This web site gives you cash back when you use your card to shop with its partners online. The purpose of this program is to give you an incentive to provide funds for the college education of your children.

These techniques will work well for you when using your credit card if you exercise discipline. The card companies deliberately give these incentive to influence you to use your cards. When you do this they make money. If you are not careful you will lose this incentive and more back to the card companies in the form of interest. If you are a savvy and disciplined card holder you can certainly make money with your credit cards.

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