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A Gift For Your Mom, Bonus Points For You

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You want to get your mother a nice gift for Mother’s Day, but wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to benefit from this as well?   One way that you can get the best of both worlds is to use an airline dining program or an airline shopping portal. This can give you access to gifts that your mother world love and will also earn rewards for you. You will find some ideas for gifts below.


There are a number of florists that are in partnership with airlines for their rewards programs. Visit the website of the program to find a list of florists that are participating so you can choose one that is local to you.


If you have your card linked to the rewards program then you may get points when you dine at certain restaurants. If you have been struggling with ideas for places that you can take your mom, this can help you narrow down your shortlist.

Shopping Trip

If you are taking mom on a shopping trip, be sure to use the card linked to your airlines reward program. Your mom can shop at a wide range of places to get something that she really wants.

Movie Or Spa Day

Treating your mom to an experience rather than a physical gift is something that is quickly growing in popularity. You may be surprised at just how many places are involved in airline rewards programs.  There are plenty of options to find something that your mom will love.

The points that you earn from treating your mom can be used to pay for a trip away for yourself.  You may even decide that you want to treat your mom even further and take her away with you.

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