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Receiving Credit Card Savings While Traveling During the Holidays

Receiving Credit Card Savings While Traveling During the Holidays

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Most people already know that you can pay for holiday travels with a credit card to get cash-back rewards, points, and miles. However, there are more ways that you can use your credit card to save money during holiday travels. Some credit cards come with additional travel perks, such as waived baggage fees, trip cancellation or interruption insurance, and car rental insurance. Here are four great ways to save money while traveling during the holidays:

Redeem Your Awards as Travel Statement Credit

If you have rewards accumulated on your travel credit card, then redeem them for your trip as travel statement credit. Keep in mind that not all credit cards offer travel statement credit, so you’ll have to check if yours does.

Cash in Airline Fee Credits

Another way to increase your holiday savings is to redeem your airline fee credits. These credits can cover in-flight meals, upgrades, airport lounge access, and checked baggage fees. It can help ease the stress of traveling during the holidays. Airline fee credits expire at the end of the year for some credit cards, so you’ll want to check that little detail to make sure you use up all your credits before the new year.

Check for Two-for-One Deals

If you’re traveling with a friend or partner, check if your credit card offers any two-for-one deals before booking a hotel room or flight. Some credit cards will let you add someone at no extra cost or at a discount when you book a flight or hotel room.

Waive Checked Baggage Fees

Some credit cards allow you to waive checked baggage fees. Don’t miss out on redeeming that perk if your card offers it. Your credit card may also allow you to waive checked baggage fees for those who are traveling with you.

Before you make any hotel reservations or book flights, check your credit cards for the above travel perks. Then, plan your holiday travels around those perks to make sure you save as much money as possible. You could use that extra money to buy another present, receive a much-needed massage after the holidays, or grow your savings account.

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