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Credit Score Jumps Based on Recent Laws and Consumer Activities

Credit Score Jumps Based on Recent Laws and Consumer Activities

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You will find that there is a wealth of information online on related to topics like credit scores. Many Americans have credit history problems that cause them to pay more in the end. For example, their vehicles, loan balances and other essential things that they need from day to day, many people are paying special attention to how their credit scores are affected. Additionally, since there are new rules in effect since July 1, 2017, credit jumps are now being seen by many. According to, these changes are improving credit scores by as much as 20 points on the average.

Having said that, here are some things that you should know about your credit score and the potential for it to improve in recent months.

Credit Jumps based on New Rules

To help consumers, the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau has recommended changes to the rules. These rules are affecting a number of different areas. Especially for those of you who are applying for car loans, mortgages, credit cards and other financial products. In some cases, your credit score may even jump enough to place you into a higher credit score range. So, the new scores will make it easier for you to be approved for a car loan with a lower interest rate. Overall, the new laws are meant to make it easier for consumers to finance their needs.

Credit Score Improvement based on Applying for a Secured Credit Card

While the new rules it can spark significant changes in a credit score for some. It is also important to note that you can improve your own score based on some actions you can take. For instance, if you want your credit score to jump within the next 6 months, you can do at least one of the 2 things.

  1. Apply for a secured credit card to restart the clock on your credit history. This calculates a credit score for anyone who does not have one currently.
  2. To create a positive credit history, paying on time and keeping all you bills up to date with no late monthly payments will help.

With either option, consumers can see an improvement in their credit scores.

These changes are designed to improve credit ratings for consumers who are having problems securing financing and other things related to these scores. Due to these laws, the average credit score has improved by as much as 20 points. So, some people may see significant improvement based on their situation and how they are handling their accounts.

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