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The Secrets That Come With Credit Card Benefits

The Secrets That Come With Credit Card Benefits

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Credit cards are convenient and come with a range of benefits. Here are the top three secret benefits that come with your credit card:

1. Buying items with a credit card lengthens the warranty

Even if you have opted to save money to buy an item, consider making the payment with your credit card instead. Using your credit card to pay for expensive items bring you the benefits of both convenience and an extended warranty. This is especially essential because such items are highly fragile.

Purchasing them using a credit card can add another year on your warranty. This means you have a longer period in which your device will still enjoy protection from the manufacturer. For this reason, it is reasonable to purchase goods using your credit card instead of cash.

2. Credit cards tend to offer travel insurance

If you use your credit card to buy airline tickets, you will notice that most of the credit card companies offer travel insurance. There is an array of other benefits such as concierge services to safeguard your trip. Other than concierge services, a credit card company provides insurance for canceled trips, delayed trips, failure to fly, trip interruptions and even mechanical breakdown insurance.

3. Purchase protection benefit

Many credit card companies offer purchase protection. This is where you stand to be refunded the money you spent on an item in case you feel the need to return the item. This is especially useful in situations where the manufacturer or the seller declines to take back the item for some reasons. In this situation, the credit card company intervenes to take the item and refund the money back to you.

Consider a situation where you buy shoes for your mom, but by the time she tries them on and finds out they don’t fit her, the return period has expired. In this situation, you can utilize your credit card purchase protection and get your money back.

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