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Should I Get A Store Credit Card Around the Holidays?

Should I Get A Store Credit Card Around the Holidays?

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Yup, the Holidays are just around the corner! As this season of love and gift giving is fast approaching, stores get busy with the Holiday perks to offer their customers. So, there is no other best way to give these Holiday perks than to offer store credit cards! These cards “guarantee” great finds at greatly slashed prices.

With the sweet deals and promises these Holiday credit cards bargain, the temptation to get one is stronger than ever! It is even harder to decide whether to get one or not, especially if your Christmas list is already filled out, you see lots of good stuff, and you’re finding a way to make the bill smaller and your shopping bags fuller.

Don’t get me wrong; of course, there is nothing wrong with getting a store credit card. Getting one is even the best way to save up during the Holidays! Yet, once you forget your obligations to pay the right amount at the right time, that’s when things go bad and payments pile up.

So, the question now is: “Are you ready to get a store credit card for the Holidays?”

The assessment questions in this article will help you find the answer out.

  1. Don’t I stray too much from what’s on my list?

Knowing that the Holiday season is coming, you should’ve started or finished filling out your list! You know what to give to whom, and stick to it. Yet, if you see something really nice in the store, you can grab it, as long as you can pay for it.

It’s okay to buy what’s not on your list. Just don’t stray too much (and pay too much) from the original plan.

  1. Do I have or can I generate (more than) enough cash to pay the store credit bills at the right time?

Figured out where to buy the stuff on your list? Maybe you can get most of them in one store, and get big discounts for them once you get a store credit card! Sometimes, stores offer as much as 40% off your bill with their Holiday credit cards! You can even get rewards, bonus coupons or free gift wrapping services through them.

These Holiday perks are so overwhelming that getting a store credit card is not already a want, but a must! However, you have to make sure you know its terms and conditions, how much to pay and when to pay it.

In getting a store credit card, you must guarantee you have or can generate enough cash to pay the bills at the right time. In this way, you’ll have a worry-free Holiday experience, knowing that you have the power over your store credit card. Also, paying right increases your credit score.

  1. Can I set my limitations and live up to them?

Store credit cards should not drown you in debt! So, you must keep up with the terms in your store credit card. You must also set limitations on your buying habits and live up to them. In this way, your store credit card is set to make your budget manageable, and not break it.

If you answered ‘YES’ to all these questions, then you should get a store credit card for the Holidays!

If you have ‘NO’ answers or you are unsure with your answer, think again before signing up.

Enjoy your Holiday shopping experience!

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