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Three Smart Strategies to Clear Your Credit Card Debt

Smart Strategies to Clear Your Credit Card Debt

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Owning a credit card is bittersweet; you use it to pay for everything you need (and want), then, the worries on how to pay for them comes after! Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can turn bittersweet to just sweet when you know money management and some pay-off strategies and options! So, here are smart strategies you can do to clear your credit card debt, and live a debt- and worry-free life.

  1. Hold a single credit card.

Keep in mind that our goal here is to clear your credit card debt. So, it’s best to lighten up the burden holding a single credit card, for now. In this way, there’s less stress as to how to pay for your purchases, and it would be much easier to pay for them.

  1. Make at least 2 minimum payments monthly.

One of the best strategies to clear your credit card debt is by making at least 2 minimum payments every month. If you receive your pay every 15th day of the month, spare some to cover up the 2 monthly minimum payments.

By doing this, you ease your debt burdens and make your way to eventually become debt-free. Sparing some amount every month won’t hurt much, right? So spare a little today to enjoy a sweet, debt-free life tomorrow.

  1. Ask your credit card company for lower interest rates.

Have you gained a good, reputable credit score over the months or years? Maybe it’s time to ask your credit card company for a lower interest rate. Usually, once they know that you’re a long term client and you’re a good guy paying your credit card bills on time, they’ll accept your offer. Through this, burdens become lighter and you can fast-track your way to clear your debts.


With these easy-peasy, smart strategies to clear your credit card debt, you can relax and enjoy the perks of having a credit card! These money management strategies are not hard to do, as long as you are a wise and responsible credit card holder.

Have power over your credit card purchases. Set and live up to your credit card limits for a stress-free credit card entitlement.

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