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Planning a Vacation with a Credit Card

Planning a Vacation with a Credit Card

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Advance Personal Finance

Advance Personal Finance

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Planning a Vacation with a Credit Card

After spending a whole year working, following strict routines and schedules, and taking up official and domestic errands, there is a need to just lay back, unwind and take a break. Nothing does it better than a well-planned vacation. Personally, I look forward to it yearly because it provides the environment for me to clear my head and return to work re-energized. But you just can’t go on a vacation without a financial plan.

Whether you’re planning a splurge vacation or you’re running on a budget, there are decisions you must reach. Have you ever considered planning a vacation with a credit card? Going on a credit card trip requires several considerations. Many people avoid vacation credit because of the usual temptation to spend more; even way beyond your initial budget. There is also the issue of credit card charges, forcing you to pay high interest on your credit and running into debts.

However, the right credit card plan can prove very beneficial. There are ways to use your card that can actually help you save more on a Vacation, secure your funds, and offer unbelievable convenience for your entire trip. With credit cards, you don’t have to move around with bulk cash and you have better cash security. Here are a few credit card tips that can help you plan your next vacation.

Get the Right Credit Card

Before you go on that trip, identify the best travel reward credit cards. There are cards that offer you cash back on restaurant, hotels, and airfare spending. Some others have points rewards for such spending. There are some other special credit cards that offer bonuses for free nights at hotels, the first year free, and points on airline miles. Using such cards can help you cut back on your spending and save good money at the end of your trip.

Plan Your Spending

Even when you intend to splurge, ensure it is preplanned. Do not go on spontaneous shopping. Getting the right card that offers cash backs and bonuses is important, but this is not a reason to charge more than you know you can pay back. Draw up a tentative budget if possible and do your best to stick to it. Include miscellaneous spending in your budget so that you take care of extra spending. Just ensure you work with your budget.

Save Up for Vacation

Even when you have decided to travel on your credit card, it is best to save up enough cash that you can use to offset your credit card expenses. Ideally, using your credit card shouldn’t be as a result of lack of cash (not that this is not a factor), but an economic decision. Having this cash ensures that you don’t run into bad debts.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Apply Quickly online by filling out a secure online application.

Annual Fees

$0 - $450

Credit Needed



  • Earn rewards with your everyday spend, and get a little closer to your next vacation.
  • Bonus offer – new card holders may be eligible for welcome bonuses of up to 50,000 travel rewards points.
  • Use rewards to book hotels, air travel, gift cards, or even a statement credit.
  • Loyalty pays off — earn double rewards when you use your card to book a trip with your favorite hotel or airline.
  • Enjoy additional travel perks like travel insurance, waived foreign transaction fees, and airport lounge access.
  • Terms vary by partner offer. Please see each bank's application for terms and conditions.
  • Clicking Apply Now will take you to to compare Travel Rewards cards from participating partners.


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