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Credit Card Tricks to Save Yourself Some Money

Credit Card Tricks to Save Yourself Some Money

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You can bump up your credit rating and save yourself a bit of cash at the same time by using these clever credit card tricks, but you have to be careful and smart to carry them off. Use your Financial Intelligence and see if you can come out on top!


Keep in mind that Banks are also businesses that are competing with other banks for customers, all the time. So if your request for a credit card has been rejected, don’t sit and wonder about the reasons. Just go straight to the customer service department of the bank and ask them to re-look at your application. Do this by reminding them of your excellent credit and payment records. This should convince them to approve your application. Especially if you also state that you will close other credit card accounts with this Bank, or lower your line of credit. Remember: Banks want to keep you as a customer if they can!

Credit Card Deals

Don’t fret if you have missed out on an excellent card sign-up deal. Contact your bank through customer service or log into your bank account and send them a secured message. Either way, ask them to apply the sign-up offer to your account. Usually this happens immediately, because you just missed out. The bank employee should easily be able to change a Promo Code on your application, and there you go, you’ve gotten the best sign-up deal on your new credit card. Logging on to your bank’s secured website will give the details of the deal in writing.

If ever you have been cheated on a purchase you’ve made on your credit card, go straight to the seller’s company supervisor and demand a charge back. Don’t waste your time in angry or futile demands, because a charge back of funds incurs a fee charged to the business that has cheated you, as well as forcing them to refund the initial money you laid out for the purchase. Thus the word charge back has a lot of power and once you know this, you can use it to your advantage.

Sign Up Bonus

If you ever come across a really good sign-up bonus, go for it right away. These bonuses can offer a lot of goodies, so you can also encourage your spouse to sign up, or apply for other versions, such as the business version. Just be careful to read the fine print, and you could really benefit by doubling up on a special bonus sign-up offer.

Maximizing the Bank Cycle

Maximizing the cycle of you bank statement is one of the coolest tricks of all. You probably already know that cash charges made the day before your monthly bank statement closes will not be due for payment for another 25 days; but if you make a purchase the day after your statement closes, you will be able to add another 30 interest-free days before payment is due. This gives you a total of 55 days before you will need to pay for your purchase.

A thorough knowledge of how to implement these monetary loopholes or tricks will help you to survive and even thrive in the world of finance; just make sure you know exactly what you are about and you could save yourself a pocketful of dollars.

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